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  • 10/2018: Multiple model idealization in model based social epistemology, A Workshop on multiple models. TINT / University of Helsinki. (w/ Emrah Aydinonat)

  • 10/2018: Comments on Jacob Stegenga’s lecture “Bayesian Mechanista: understanding the effectiveness of interventions.”. Evidence to policy – a seminar series by the new social research programme, University of Tampere.

  • 10/2018: Why aren’t we all addicts? Concept Formation in the Natural ​and the Social Sciences, University of Zurich.

  • 5/2018: “Institutional Epistemology: Understanding the epistemic dynamics of collective inquiry”, Knowledge Lab, University of Chicago.

  • 2/2018: “The philosophy of computational social science”, University of Tampere. Invited lecture.

  • 1/2018: “Social epistemologists against social learning”, Philosophical Society of Finland Colloquium ‘18.

  • 10/2017: “AI and philosophy”, panel discussion, Finnish Philosophical association and Cognitive Science joint event: AI and Philosophy.

  • 10/2017: “Research funding for the best – or to maverick scientists? Models and simulations as research tools in science studies. (in Finnish) Edistyksen Päivät, Helsinki.

  • 8/2017: “Should scientists really ignore their peers?” in the symposium The Simulationist Turn in Social Epistemology: new directions & challenges to received wisdom. EPSA 17, European Philosophy of Science Association biennial meeting, Exeter, UK.

  • 7/2017: “How could a rational analysis model explain?” CogSci 2017, London.

  • 1/2017: “What, when and how do rational analysis models explain?” MCMP, Munich.

  • 11/2016: “What, when and how do rational analysis models explain?” Philosophy of Science Association biannual conference, Atlanta.

  • 6/2016: “Causal Matrix for Addiction”, Helsinki Symposium on Philosophy of Psychiatry (w/ Petri Ylikoski).

  • 5/2016: “Topological explanations in the social sciences.” Models and Simulations 7, Barcelona.

  • 4/2016: “Topological explanations in the social sciences.” Nordic Network for Philosophy of Science, Pärnu.

  • 1/2016: “Classification, knowledge, identity.” Mikkeli Academy 2016. Invited presentation. (in Finnish).

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