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2024-02-29 wall

Reading about fediverse, I realized I don’t have to wait for web 3.0 to own my social media posts. I’ll just posts copies here. I’m not expecting a broad readership (any, actually), but it does feel like some kind of statement to cross-post.

I move the few posts from the blog section here. Easier that way.

2023-08-05 rubik

It started back in 1998, and around 2010 I literally wrote much of my dissertation at the back of a van. Spotify link here.


I still feel so lucky to have been a part of this.

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2020-11-02 Institutional epistemology

Here’s a link to a paper I wrote with Petri Ylikoski, where we outline the idea of institutional epistemology. (in Finnish!)

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2020-11-01 New project

I’m on research leave 2020-2025, working on my personal research project funded by the Academy of Finland. The project is called “Modeling the republic of science: Collaborative problem solving and collective rationality in scientific inquiry”

2020-09-01 Self-nudging in media

Our self-nudging article is getting some attention in media: Behavioral scientist, Yliopisto-lehti, The Decision Lab, NBC Today (9/2020)

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Jaakko Kuorikoski and me wrote a small contribution to the debate on the use of evidence and computational models at the times of pandemic (in Finnish). In Alusta!

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2020-05-01 Models as argumentative devices

How can philosophers make use of (simulation) models? Together with Emrah Aydinonat and Petri Ylikoski (Synthese, forthcoming 2020), I argue that e.g. in social epistemology (of science), models should be understood as argumentative devices, and their epistemic status be evaluated accordingly

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